Staff Bio’s


Trygve is the kingpin here at HMS and pulls double duty as the ring-leader/trail boss of our local club; the HMS Vikings.  He’s in his mid 50’s, has a wealth of talent behind the bars of a motorcycle, suffers from mechanically induced OCD (meaning everything has to be PERFECT) when working on motorcycles and exudes a huge appreciation for performance, attention to detail and premium components relative to the power-sports industry.

He developed his love of motorbikes and skills under the tutelage of Lee Halverson, a motor-head himself who groomed Trygve to carry on the pride of workmanship and passion for the sport.  He enjoys wrenching on bikes as much as riding them, embraces and develops new riders, and leads his crew as they compete in the NETRA & J-Day race series, participate in organized Turkey Runs and explore backcountry landscapes


Quiet, thoughtful, focused…. Meet Ryan, our Director of Marketing and Team Sherco Rider.  He came to us by accident In the far north woods of Maine.  While Ryan knew of HMS and the Vikings, we’d never actually met.  Yet, one rainy day on the trail he found himself with a flat tire and approached Trygve to borrow a pump.  That lead to a tube, tools and Trygve doing the work…. not that Ryan couldn’t, it’s just what Trygve does.  Fast friends by days end, Trygve quickly understood the value Ryan could bring to HMS and the connection was set.  

Ryan’s blood-type is 32:1, meaning he’s a 2-stroke guy at heart.  His passion for riding was instilled at a very young age; coupled with an interest in understanding how things work led him to begin rebuilding top ends and tuning 2-strokes at the age of 15.  Ryan wears many hats both inside and outside of the shop; most notable is his passion for creating all of our social media marketing content,  encouraging others to “ride outside of their comfort zone”, R & D on engine and suspension tuning, a contributing writer for Trail Rider magazine and just an overall love for the “Braap”.  

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